Trained pets are allowed (€4/night) provided they are kept on a leash at the campsite and that the ‘shopping’ is cleared away by their owners. Pets are prohibited in the sanitary building. Take care of your pets so that they do not cause nuisance to other campers.

Safety first

Since nothing is more important to us than the children, the dogs mentioned below, as well as crossbreeds or dogs that can be equated with their morphological characteristics, are strictly prohibited on the campsite.
Thanks for your cooperation.

STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED: Dogs in category 1 

– Akita Inu
– American Staffordshire Terriër
– Bandog
– Bull Terriër
– Argentine Dog
– Mastiff van Bordeaux
– Engelse Terriër (Staffordshire Bull Terrier)
– Brazilian Mastiff
– Mastiff all origin
– Pitbull Terriër
– Rodhesian Ridgeback
– Rottweiler
– Tosa Inu

Dogs that are similar in their morphological features to one of the previous breeds and dogs from crossbreeds of the breeds mentioned above. In addition, management reserves the right to ban other dogs that appear dangerous to the safety of campers and children.

Check Availabity

1 Room , 1 Adult , 0 Children